“Hansel & Gretel”

“Hansel & Gretel”

Project title

“Hansel & Gretel”



The knowledge about a topic is dispersed across a variety of sources: books, newletters, tweets, podcast clips, and web pages. It cannot be easily ranked algorithmically.

It is challenging for users to see what is important to other users interested in similar topics, and the exploration journey feels siloed.


“Same.energy for text” — a way to highlight content from the web and instantly find other pieces of content that relate to the content’s core topic or style. As a user explores the different related content, their journey serves as a human curated breadcrumb trail for the most relevant pieces of information.

The breadcrumb trail indicates the most interesting or relevant related content, and these elements can be packaged as a shareable guide. Shareable guides can be grouped under key topics. Under each piece of content, you can track what they’re linked to on other guides.



Value Prop

Users can see what other people are exploring within their topics of interest, and the viewer journey is in essence the curator journey.

Annotations on the web and linked concepts are easily surfaced.

Discovery journeys can be organized and shared with others, making digital exploration a multiplayer experience.


/breadcrumb on notion


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