Re:Search is a research collective composed of search engineers and product thinkers.

We study and build new ways to organize information and explore our curiosities.

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We explain what’s wrong with the current state of search engines and outline the opportunity to index new forms of content.

What we believe

Search should be participatory.

We don’t live our lives in silos, so we shouldn’t explore information that way either. Searching can be a multiplayer experience.

Human content over links.

Real value lies in user-created and curated content, rather than overly SEO optimized websites.

Less is more.

A satisfying search leads you to a few right things, not endless lists of information.

Think outside the (search) bar

The opportunity of search is bigger than better algorithms for search queries. Exploring other opportunities brings new insights to the table.

Blog Posts

Thinking through core principles for what the evolution of search should be.

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Introducing Mood Surf
June 10, 2022

Introducing Mood Surf

A Google Replacement Will Not Look Like Google
March 19, 2022

A Google Replacement Will Not Look Like Google

What I Learned From Running a Concierge Search Engine
March 19, 2022

What I Learned From Running a Concierge Search Engine

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Product Concepts

Crafting new visions for the future of search, moving beyond the search bar into exploratory interfaces.

Social Search

Information is not a disembodied artifact. It is created by people, to be consumed by people. These concepts explore how “social” and “informational” are not at odds, but two sides of the same coin.

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Exploratory Search

Not all who wander are lost. Many of us fondly look back on StumbleUpon, Wikipedia rabbit holes, and other scenic tours of the Web. In these concepts, we pay homage to exploration in search.

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In a world of information overload and the Paradox of Choice, we investigate how human curation can filter out noise and allow searchers to benefit from others’ expertise.

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