“Refresh” / “Time Capsule”

“Refresh” / “Time Capsule”

Project title

“Refresh” / “Time Capsule”



Bookmarks or saved sections contain a wealth of information, but once they’re stored away they’re rarely revisited. So much knowledge is lost to the back cabinets of the internet.


Stumbleupon for previously saved content. This refreshes ideas and allows for spaced repetition. It serves as thought starters and prompts or reminders for us to revisit and further engage with topics of interest.

Also, a multiplayer stumbleupon option — showing refreshed content curated from a community. Group mode can expose an individual to the saved content of others, bringing them fresh content that can spark new curiosities. These communities could be topic-based or just centered around friends.



Value Prop

Giving users an endorphin boost by revisiting content they previously found useful, interesting, or funny. Allowing them to explore other useful content bookmarked by others, and prompting them to look at time capsuled content with a fresh mindset.


Kind of like the way photos apps showcase “on this day one year ago” — what if you could revisit what you were thinking about or saving one year ago (or a month ago or a week ago)?