The Road More Traveled

The Road More Traveled

Project title

“The Road More Traveled”



Knowledge and resources surfaced by search engines can feel impersonal and irrelevant at times. It doesn’t have to be this way — there are certain question journeys that people have all searched at some point in their life. How can we showcase what our friends have found valuable in the past and highlight knowledge pathways that are highly traversed?


Contrary to Robert Frost’s belief is the idea that the road more traveled is the more valuable route. By presenting a social / multiplayer search, we can see what friends have searched and discovered before and traverse their routes of best content.

User searches a query → they star the best content

Next time another user searches the same query → they see the best content starred from friends, and also see when the friend last searched it



Value Prop

Making search feel more personable, bringing in a social layer to finding the right information you’re looking for online.


Did some more digging and realized Google released a “social search” in 2009 — however the main difference is it aims to showcase content your friends have created, less so the content your friends have found valuable.