Visualized Concepts

Visualized Concepts

Project title

Visualized Concepts


Frameworks to consider:

IG cards

tumblr reblogs


Things to explore:

how to make card formats feel seamless, rather than a jumble of various formats → building narrative organization

tools to prune info: highlight text, cut sections of video

What if information was organized like a museum?

→ current search engines are missing the relations between the results. is there an opportunity for greater curation that forms an overarching narrative?

What if information was organized like a gallery?

→ curated, with a exhibition title, curatorial statement, artwork descriptions

What if information was organized like a menu?

→ What is the starter? the main course? the dessert? is there a wine (information) pairing?

What if information was organized like a neighborhood?

→ street names, landmark, map

What if information was organized like a bento box?

→ unique compartments, pieces of a whole

What if information was organized like a magazine?

→ table of contents, more editorial style content



  • as topics get more niche, they get more subjective
  • the opportunity to look at topics through a different arrangement
  • design note: if visuals aren’t great, how can typography take over?

Vertical opportunities

  • high internet activity
  • collaborative, curious community

How-to content

  • The rise in individuals starting a new hobby, free time
  • The opportunity for evergreen, helpful content
  • Natural progression of steps, not an infinite amount of knowledge needed
  • Limited chances for controversial content
  • “Getting started with XYZ” guides → helpful for beginners

Product principles

  • Simple: allows for ease of creation and proliferation of content, straightforward and not overwhelming
  • Trusted: guided by other community members, belief in their expertise
  • Creative: inspires people to keep exploring, interconnected

Other concepts

created through building blocks → linktree, builder

searchable notion pages

instagram guides

universe app


what are the blocks and pieces of content?

→ tweets, quotes

what’s the role of a curator?

→ best snippets of a youtube video, podcast

content modules that slice up pieces of important content

lower the barrier to entry

informational organization

  • surface level → evokes a listicle
  • framing of the experience
  • create a gardening tool

boring web (corporate, authoritative) v interesting web (cozy, personable) v chaotic web

“ask a friend” — subjective, can be flawed, human, nuanced

seeing peoples digital gardens, inside their mind, an avenue for curiosity, invitation to engage, let the space breathe!

consider the persona over the niche

cultivating a digital third space